R & D Capabilities

Our company always adhere to the "user-centered" business policy, persist in the company philosophy of "honesty, performance & innovation", implement the strategy of independent brands and intellectual property. Our company insist on starting from the difficulty, basing on high-end, implementing the strategy of differentiation & advancement, to ensure advanced products by means of equipment variation and technical differences. We are targeting the international advancement and import substitution, to produce what others do not want to produce, dare not produce, can not produce, to fill the blank of the market. 

The technology center of the company is one of the sub-centers of Henan Longcheng Group, a state-level enterprise technology center. The company is recognized as a high-tech enterprise, gazelle enterprise and innovation demonstration pilot enterprise in Henan Province. It has established the Henan continuous casting insulation material engineering technology Research Center which is recognized by the Provincial Science and Technology Department. It has been engaged in the research and development of pre-melting mould powder, covering agent, ladle filling agent, desulfurization, deoxidation, desilication and decarbonization agent and other high-tech products for a long time. The technical center is under the vertical leadership of the metallurgical company, and has set up a R & D center, physical and chemical testing center and other professional laboratories. 

The company has cooperated with many universities such as Wuhan University of Technology through the combination of production, marketing and research, to meet and exceed the customer demand by innovation and excellent product performance. Now the company has 53 independent intellectual property rights invention patents. Taking the lead in the industry in using X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), chemical analysis electron spectroscopy (ESCA) and other research means, through the study of the mineral phase of the mould powder slag film, crystal phase permutation, radiation chroma on the influence of heat transfer,  our company realized the full combination of theoretical research and practical technology of mould powder. The innovation and research capacity, technical level are in the leading position in the same industry.  


X-ray photoelectron spectrometer


X-ray diffractometer


Field emission scanning electron microscope



Advanced equipment display



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